Each piece exposed is hand-crafted in 35 mm
with no touching-up or photoshop.
He defines it as a colour explosion as well
as an invitation to the awakening of the senses.
Some of them recall tastes,
scents and diverse textures.
You can find explosion, ecstasy, joy, depth, abyss,
certainty and madness in their shapes and colours. However, altogether are part of an arduous work
made by the artist starting from figures and lights.
Sensus, which is emerging nowadays,
was actually born in the ninties when the author,
undergoing a personal crisis,
experimented his most well-known subject
- photography - to express in images
what he could not express in words.
You can see it in his chiaroscuros,
abysses and climax that arises
among a lust of lights and colours.
Sensus is a festival for the eyes
and it is also a journey to the most bottomless
profundities of the human soul.